Body Wrap Treatments are gaining much recognition for the multiple health benefits they offer. Their potential to condition, detoxify, tone, tighten and even take inches off your body makes them a favorite amongst women in UAE. Elmax Beauty Salon offers botanically tested range of body slimming treatments that cater to various skin problems such as cellulite, orange peel skin, uneven skin tone, dehydrated skin, and promotes skin regeneration. These unique body wrap treatments at Elmax Beauty Salon are safe and work great for arms, legs, abdomen, breast, décolleté, neck and hips. Ideally, 8 sessions of this innovative treatment display a visible loss of centimeters off from your body and reduce skin imperfections guaranteeing optimum effectiveness in a shorter span of time. Following are variations of Elmax’s Body Wrap Treatments that address specific skin issues faced by women in UAE:


Oedemacel Treatment has proven to solve the issue of oedematous cellulite, which is related to poor circulation and fluid retention, being one of the most difficult type of cellulite to be treated. The skin appears to be swollen that can be painful or tender to touch. Carefully composed of Glycolic acid, Carnitine, Pineapple, Green Tea, and other natural extracts, the Oedemacel Treatment dilates blood vessels and interstitial fluid retention thereby remineralizing the skin. Minimum 1-2 sessions per week are advised for best results.



The Adipocel Treatment is beneficial in the treatment of advanced stages of Fibrous Cellulite, especially Stage 3 and Stage 4. Fibrous Cellulite is a result of the accumulation of fat cells that push up against the skin causing dimpling and an uneven surface. This treatment is composed of Glycolic acid, Caffeine and L-Carnitine that help reduce fat deposits and cellulite in the problem areas. For best results, a minimum of 1-2 sessions per week are advised by our specialists keeping in mind your body’s requirements.


Elmax Beauty Salon’s Firming Treatment is a safe and effective body reshaping solution that helps shape your body, hydrate, and firms uneven skin tone. It is composed of Glycolic Acid, High Tens and a powerful combination of natural ingredients that work together to reduce water retention, cellulite as well as toning and firming the skin’s tissues. This effective composition accelerates the formation of collagen and elastin that revitalizes the skin from deep within. Elmax’s Firming Treatment has proven effectiveness in the reduction of stretch marks from different parts of the body.


Formulated with a unique mix of natural and safe ingredients using an innovative technique, Elmax Beauty Salon’s wide range of body-contouring solutions have proven results in treating different skin and body issues across UAE. These body wraps are versatile in nature, making them useful for any zone of the body with a promise of immediate and visible result.

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