Owing to the harsh and humid climate, UAE has one of the highest cases of hair loss. The dry and arid weather, lack of Vitamin D and dehydration has negative effects on hair, besides underlying health conditions.

Mesotherapy has recently gained curiosity and attention of the public eye as it has shown proven results in treating common but annoying hair issues such has regrowth, dandruff, hair breakage and hair loss as well. Every woman loves to have a shiny, voluminous mane and hair problems have always remained a cause of concern for women, with hair loss being the primary one. Mesotherapy is one such painless procedure that helps reverse the problems of dandruff, excessive hair loss, hair breakage and stimulates hair growth, repairs damaged tissues in the scalp, promotes circulation in the scalp and a myriad of other benefits. This process involves superficial micro-injections that introduce minerals, vitamins, amino-acids, and other required nutrients which the specialist prepares as your requirements and the necessities of your hair. Suitable for both men and women, Mesotherapy has a 90-92% success rate in hair growth. Instead of opting in for expensive hair transplant surgeries, you can choose Mesotherapy as it is painless and less costly. This treatment boosts circulation in the scalp region, activates hair follicles, reduces bald patches, and aids in regrowing a receding hairline.

At Elmax Salon, we offer Mesotherapy for hair loss that has proven to be effective for many of our clients. Our experts possess great experience and knowledge in carrying out this painless treatment which delivers nutrients to the hair and improves blood circulation to the scalp. The nutrients injected vary depending on the area being treated and the aim of the treatment. 

Hair Mesotherapy has shown results in the treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia or Pattern Hair Loss in both men and women. A complete, timely session of this procedure helps stimulate hair tissues, regenerate cells of the epidermis and enhances circulation the scalp. It is also useful for patients who undergone previous hair transplant to strengthen their grafted hair. Elmax Salon specializes in effective Hair Mesotherapy  with guaranteed results that not only nourish and moisturize the scalp, but also stimulate regeneration of cells, strengthen hair follicles, restores hormonal balance making the hair look healthier and shinier. Based on individual needs, our experts prepare a mix of vitamins and minerals, and administers this mixture into the scalp through a series of injections. It is a multi-session treatment and on an average, an individual requires roughly five sessions over a period of four to six months, before you see any visible results. This may differ from person to person as every individual has a different requirement. Visit Elmax Salon today and talk to our professionals to get more insights into Mesotherapy for Hair.

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